About Us

Daryn has worked in the building industry over 20 years. He has also renovated several homes of his own. He understand renovation can be overwhelming with chasing and liaising all trades.

Daryn leads an expert team from across all trades, providing one stop shop. A single point of contact covering all trades, services and supplies to ensure clients are comfortable and happy with the renovation process, to make it a stress –free experience.

Daryn is easy to communicate with. He has built relationship with customers based on trust and honesty. He believes honesty, communication and expert advice are the keys for a successful renovation job. He has enjoyed getting outstanding result for his clients.

Our team also covers any maintenance work, no job is too small or too big.

Regular maintenance on your house/ rental property is so very important. A small spend will save you a big expense. For example, over the years we have seen overflow gutters cause leaks in soffit / windows ends up replacing soffit/ windows.

Action now is best if you have any maintenance issues.

Our Services

Trustful and stress free project management -one stop shop for all your renovation or maintenance needs.

Friendly expert teams guide you through renovation process to eliminated risk and uncertainty.